Great Finds This Week

Here are some of my favorite finds from the week:

New Fun Read:

Book cover Force of HabitForce of Habit, a novella by James Scott Bell
$1.49 for the Kindle Edition

Just who is Sister Justicia Marie? And what is she doing to some of the toughest thugs in L.A.?¬†When a nun is viciously attacked, Sister Justicia takes it upon herself to find out what happened. The cops don’t like that. Neither does her Mother Superior at St. Cecelia’s. But when a couple of hoods try to stick up a liquor store and Sister J brings them down, something is unleashed inside her…something that will either confirm her calling . . . or destroy it.

Read James Scott Bell’s story behind the book in his blog post on The Kill Zone.

Great Posts on Writing:

Lists and Layers by cozy mystery author Elizabeth Craig

How to Write Effective Supporting Characters from Writer’s Digest

The Good Seed – Developing a Premise for Your Novel by Donald Maass on Writer Unboxed

Great Posts on Publishing and Platform:

Writing Mystery and the Indie Entrepreneurial Spirit with Adam Croft on The Creative Penn

Top 10 Worst Self-Publishing Mistakes – Explained! by The Book Designer

If You Build it They Will Read: Plotting with Layers by Janice Hardy

Creative Writing Prompts: Find Your Character Through Their Profession on The How to Write Shop

How to Sell Self-Published Books: Read This First by Catherine Ryan Howard

Who Is Your Target Reader? from the Writer’s Digest Guide to Literary Agents blog

How to Make, Market and Sell eBooks – All for Free by Therese Cramer

Kindle Singles: A Big Opportunity for Smart Writers from Writer’s Digest

Three Numbers That Matter to Your Platform by Jane Friedman


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