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In March of this year, I had the honor of joining Sterling & Stone, a new digital publishing company, as an editor. Sterling & Stone is the creation of Sean Platt, Matt Gartland, and Lori Taylor. Our first book series, The Digital Writer, was launched in early April, and includes titles that can benefit any writer. Whether you write sales copy, freelance articles, books (nonfiction or fiction), or blog posts, there’s something at The Digital Writer for you.

I encourage you to visit The Digital Writer ( to learn more. Each week, a new title is introduced and available for one week as a free download. When you sign up on The Digital Writer, you have instant access to additional titles, as well as printable support materials to go with the books. Even if the current book title doesn’t strike a chord with you, the weekly epic posts on The Digital Writer (courtesy of Sean Platt) are mini-books in themselves.

This week’s post is 5 Smart Ways for Writers to Make Easier Money. Here’s a teaser snippet from this week’s post:

You’re a writer with magic to be envied.

You possess the rare skill of being able to make something from nothing.

You can change thinking, create emotions, and paint pictures in your readers’ minds.

You can manufacture money just by moving your fingers across the keyboard.

Through the alchemy of writing, you can take what makes you unique and turn it into consistent revenue. Write with a plan and you can turn your thoughts into assets that pay out on repeat.

The post includes ideas on creating multiple assets, such as ebooks, niche sites, informational products, and even fiction. In this epic post, you’ll also find a stunning infographic, Self Publishing by the Numbers, a video from Sean.

Writers from all genres and niches will find something of value in this book. It covers:

  • Writing ebooks
  • Selling Fiction
  • Niche Sites
  • Information Products
  • Five Products You Can Create This Weekend
  • Affiliate Income
  • Repurposing Content
  • Sales Letters, including a 12-Step Sales Letter Formula

The Digital Writers’ Guide to Building Assets is available is FREE from 5/8 to 5/12 — get your copy now!

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