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Over the past few months, through deliberate, careful research (okay, it was mostly following link trails), I’ve gathered a list of great articles on a variety of topics related to writing, publishing, and marketing. In this post, I’d like to share with you a few of the articles that cover the subject of e-books.


A Checklist for Marketing Your E-Book

In this article for Writer Unboxed, Jane Friedman applies The Marketing Mix (also known as the 4Ps) to marketing an e-book:  product, price, place, promotion.

Jane Friedman is a professor of media and writing at the University of Cincinnati, and the former publisher of Writer’s Digest. Visit her at JaneFriedman.com, for regular insights into the future of publishing.

Maximizing Digital Book Sales

Carolyn McCray discusses how to “rise above the noise” on Amazon and other digital platforms.

Carolyn McCray is a social media and sales consultant to writers and publishing houses alike.   And using the principle laid out in this article, her recent non-fiction book, “Dollars & Sense: The Definitive Guide to Self-publishing Success” debuted at #1 on the Amazon Bestselling list for Study & Teaching and reached #2 on the Authorship Bestselling list beating out such rock stars as JA Konrath and Zoe Winters.  Carolyn is also the founder of the Indie Book Collective, an organization dedicated to helping writers utilize social media to sell their books.


What Sold in E Over Christmas

And, in an effort to keep you informed, here’s a list from Publisher’s Weekly of the top sellers in digital over Christmas.


After years of swearing I would never give up “real books” and buy an e-reader, I will confess to having a strong attachment to my Kindle. (I love it, and to take it away, you’ll have to pry it out of my cold, dead hands.) So, I’ll be keeping a close eye out on digital trends, to be sure.

How about you?

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